The Importance of Investing in Quality Equipment


There’s no denying that holding an excessively expensive camera in your hands does not make you a great photographer - some of the best photographers use cheaper equipment and produce better shots than others who have the latest and greatest tech.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose the best quality equipment you can afford.

Invest in the Best

While the urge to have the latest and greatest is definitely there, don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.

One of the biggest reasons to put money behind high-quality tech is that it’s built to last - just because newer, ‘better’ cameras are released every year doesn’t mean you need to upgrade every time another comes onto the market.

Some of the most important equipment you’ll have to invest in includes:

  • Bags - Since you’re going to be spending a lot money, you’ll need some kind of insurance that your investments are going to be well protected, and bags are an excellent way to keep your equipment safe and sound. Don’t skimp on this - cheaper bags don’t offer the same amount of protection. Some options are waterproof and come with protective padding, while others are made from harder materials so they can be taken almost anywhere.   
  • Camera - This is an obvious one. There’s a lot of debate in the industry about whether mirrorless is the best way to go, especially if you’re just starting out. These have their pros and cons, but an affordable DSLR can offer a long lifetime of photo capturing too.
  • Filters - Polarizers are among the most important things to have in your photographic arsenal. While some filter effects can be replicated in post production editing, others - like polarizers - can’t. They reduce haze, making images look more vibrant and sharper - something that is especially important if you’re into photographing landscapes.
  • Lenses - Aside from a good-quality camera, you’re going to a few decent lenses offering different focal lengths. If you’re looking at becoming a specialist, you can add lenses to your collection that give certain effects such as fisheye, tilt shift, and macro.


Help When You Need It

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