Film and Polaroid Cameras

DSLRs have changed the face of photography. But even the most die-hard fans of digital tend to appreciate the look and feel of physically printed images. Some brands let you get the best of both worlds, and they’ve gained a dedicated following over the past few years.

Old Meets New

Instant cameras like the Fujifilm INSTAX do what a Polaroid would do. As soon as you take a picture it’s printed on to specially modified film sheets. Depending on the model you’re using, you can also save a digital copy of the image to keep, reprint, or share on social media.

Ordinary film cameras work with a ‘spool’ that needs to be loaded into the camera. These only take a set number of shots each, which means you have to think twice about the shot you’re taking. But this is part of the challenge.

Advantages of Instant Cameras

Using these cameras makes many people feel closer to photography as a ‘craft’. They’re very hands-on and watching a photograph develop before your eyes is quite magical. Additionally, using them is a very nostalgic experience if you were around in the earlier days of photography.

Aside from this, there are a host of other advantages that come from using instant cameras, including:


  • Interesting aesthetic - Photos printed from an instant camera have a somewhat grainy look to them, which adds to their retro appeal. The look of these shots can’t easily be replicated on newer devices. The black frame surrounding your shot and the almost dreamy look of the picture are quite unique.


  • Scrapbooking - If scrapbooking is one of your favourite ways to pass the time and preserve memories, these photos add an interesting appeal to your albums.

Advantages of Film Cameras

These devices give you an unparalleled look and feel. It’s well worth experimenting with them, if only to improve and expand on your skillset. Using these devices can also help you learn to develop your own shots, if that’s an interest of yours.

Other benefits that you can look forward to reaping when using a film camera include:


  • Less cost - In general, you’ll find that these devices cost a lot less than standard DSLRs. There’s no denying that photography is an expensive hobby, so if you have the option to spend a little less and still pursue your passion, take it.


  • Longer lasting - Hardcopy photos don’t run the risk of being deleted, and they're also more likely to be seen. You can put photos up in and around your home in decorative frames, or even give them as gifts to friends and loved ones.


  • Working in a darkroom - There’s nothing quite like having a dedicated space in which you can develop your own shots. A certain satisfaction comes from seeing your work develop right before your eyes. It’s also quite an experience when you get to see your work through from beginning to end.

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