“How about going to take photos at a dumpsite?” the question rang in my ears

and all sorts of preconceptions generated images of sky high trash heaps,

rotting foreign objects and disgusting smells, basically just like that district 9

scene falling short of a few aliens and cat food.


What came of this charged question was something pleasantly surprising,

setting off with the mycamera team we piled up in Lloyds car, armed with

cameras and no inkling of what we were going to experience. Being the

only “non-capetonian” anything further than my house (out of town) is a

mission, thus it began, embarking on the Greyton Festival of Transition,

in god knows where by my GPS co-ordinates.


On horseback


You can imagine my surprise when we came up to the main street, a scenic

little village filled with old history and art painted into a nature lovers canvas.  

Still waiting in anticipation for my District 9 scene to shoot, what I eventually

came to see was another movie altogether.  This is why I love taking pictures,

sometimes you really don’t know what you are going to expect, you don’t know

the people you might meet and you surely don’t know what exactly your lens is

going to capture in that moment when you drink up something you know nothing about.


A moment in time

The festival was littered with hippies and Rastafarians and a lot less waste thanI expected!

I don’t think I would ever have guessed that this small community of folk live out here, getting 

together and making a concerted effort to bring light to the waste issue in this area, using the

resources to promote the recycling of waste in a productive way.  Inspired by the efforts and

general positive and friendly nature, I found  beauty in the faces of these people and spent

my afternoon taking it all in.

RunningPlaying guitar

While sitting around listening to the music two children sat nearby, a little girl,

doting after her baby brother. I had heard my name being called out, coincidentally

this little girl had the same name as me, much to her brothers confusion when I told

him this. There was no holding back on the smiles from there and I thoroughly enjoyed

sharing a moment with these little people.

 Happy Children

What did I learn? Be in the moment, don’t hold back just because you had

something else in mind, that thing that you didn’t think about is normally

the most exciting thing at the end of the day, life is an adventure and your

photos are an extended story of that.  There are photo treasures everywhere.