Sean Lenz and Kris Abildgaard


Neon Landscape Photography


Have you ever stopped and thought: I wonder how the photographer managed to get that shot? Eye-popping techniques, styles, and effects can take your pictures from being great to breathtaking. One style you should definitely look into is neon landscape photography.

There are certain types of neon landscape photography that not only produce stunning images, but are quite easy to do, too.

Step 1: Have the right Tools

Light painting, or writing with light, is a style of photography that you don’t need plenty of expensive equipment to master. In fact, if you have a decent DSLR and a darkened room, you’re already halfway there.

If you don’t have them already, be sure to get hold of:

  • tripod
  • Light sources such as torches, glow sticks, or sparklers. Try and use different coloured mediums for added flare


Step 2: What’s Next?

Once you have your camera and tripod set up, you’re almost ready to go. You just need to adjust a few settings on your DSLR before you start taking pictures.

Make sure that you’ve taken the following measures to get this technique down:

  • Set your DSLR to manual and change your shutter speed to 30 seconds. Alternatively, set your camera to bulb mode, which lets the shutter stay open for as long as you hold the trigger down for.
  • Depending on how bright the room is, your ISO should be set to 100 or 200. Then make your aperture 5.6.
  • Set a timer of two seconds so you have time to get in front of the lens.
  • Position yourself in front of the camera with your light sources in hand, and when the timer goes off, start ‘drawing’ or ‘writing’.

Keep in mind that you can only write as much as the shutter release time allows for. This is why having a friend help you out and using bulb mode is ideal. That way you can draw and write without having to worry about your timing too much.

It may take you a few tries to get this technique right, but the results are well worth it. It’s also a whole lot of fun, so you’re likely to enjoy experimenting with it - especially if you get friends involved.

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Image source: Sean Lenz and Kris Abildgaard and their Neon Luminance Art