Retro Photography Trends Making a Comeback

Technology advances and moves at a rapid pace. Every once in awhile a trend from years gone by resurfaces and gains traction. You can see it happening in music and fashion, and now it’s extended to retro photography.


A Look into the Past


There are many retro and vintage photography trends circulating around social media. Some are more impactful than others, though all of the ones we’ve seen are both beautiful and stylishly implemented. Aside from double vision and hallucination photography, there are several other ideas that have increased in popularity, including:


  • Dreamy Distortion - This style of retro photography gives your images a surreal look. A telephoto lens can create this effect, but editing will do just as good a job, depending on where you’re going to use the image
  • Illuminated Industrial  - Shed some light on the world of factories, silos, and mechanical technology by increasing your exposure when you shoot at night. Using this method draws focus to the contrast of industrial structures and their natural surroundings
  • Overexposed and Retro - There’s something about bright and stylised portrait shots that makes you stop and stare. While the overexposed photos we’ve seen tend to be  bright, they have an undertone of grittiness that some people love  


Creativity Uncovered


Don’t be left out of the loop when it comes to photography news and trends. Watch this space for more not only on retro photography trends, but just about anything you might need to know to take your photography to the next level.