Both professional and amateurs looking to expand their arsenal of equipment can’t deny the advantages of purchasing our camera upgrade kits. When you purchase a camera body, you need to fork out some extra coin on the accessories that you’ll need to start snapping. However, buy a bundle, and you won't have to worry about any of this.


The Ultimate Upgrades


Currently, mycamera stocks two upgrade bundles that are sure to satisfy your needs. Not only are the devices included in the kits new on the market, but the added extras are sure to bring you bang for your buck. The bundles in our catalogue include:


  • Nikon D7500 Ultimate Upgrade Bundle - Ideal for low-light, landscape, travel and sports photography, included with the body of this camera is a 16GB Lexar Professional SD card. In addition, you’ll receive a Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G ED VDR Lens and a Nikon SB- 700 Speedlight unit. This device has proven to be easy-to-use and has a high ISO performance. Best of all, it has a tilting LCD screen, allowing you to capture images easily from different angles.

  • Nikon D7200 Ultimate Upgrade Bundle - When you purchase this kit, you’ll also receive a 32GB Lexar Professional SD Card, BG - E8 Battery Grip and a Nikon SB - 700 Speedlight unit. Packed full of features, this camera boasts a 24.2 DX-Format CMOS Sensor and EXPEED 4 Image Processor. It can shoot up to 6fps for up to 100 frames. Among this unit’s best uses are sports and wildlife photography.


Added Advantages


Aside from getting the outstanding cameras included in the upgrade kits, you also receive stellar equipment to aid you in your photographic journey. Each accessory, included in your kit has several advantages:


  • Battery grips - These attach to the bottom of your camera and can hold additional battery packs. This ensures that you’re never stuck with a dead camera while on the job. In addition, they have a vertical grip and an extra shutter release button for added ease when taking portrait photographs.
  • Lenses - The lens you receive with the Nikon D750 is the Nikkor 24- 120mm f/4G ED VDR Lens. This durable device boasts a fast and accurate autofocus and consistent output. These products are ideal for  scenery, wedding and sports photography.  
  • Speedlight Units - As their name suggests, these items provide extra light in darkened conditions so they’re vital for night and low light photography. Best of all, the Nikon SB - 700 Speedlight Unit is both durable and lightweight and attaches directly onto your camera.


By Your Side


Consider mycamera as your go-to for all things photography and video related. Not only do we stock upgrade kits, but we also have an array of action cameras, camcorders, accessories and much more. In addition, from the time you place your order, it only takes between 4 and 7 working days to get to you.

So, if you’re currently a  Nikon owner and looking to up your game with the latest tech, look no further than mycamera and the Nikon D750 or D7200 Ultimate Upgrade Kits.