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This North American company has quickly established itself as one of the leading producers in camera supports and Gimbal heads. As your supplier of choice for photographic equipment, mycamera is proud to provide you with some of the best products made by the incomparable Jobu.

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  1. Jobu Design Surefoot Lensplate NX4 7.0‰Û

    This plate is functionally identical to the NX3 5.5" plate, but is quite long, enabling terrific balance adjusment.

  2. Jobu Design Lens Foot for Nikon 500F4, 300F2.8, 200-400

    This new design aims to improve handling as much as possible while retaining the ability to carry the lens with the foot as a handle.
  3. Jobu Design Lens Foot for Canon 500F4 IS II, 300F2.8 IS II

    Replacement Foot is the ideal upgrade for your Canon 500mm F4 IS II or 300mm F2.8 IS II lenses.

  4. Jobu Design Pro2 Gimbal Head

    The Pro2 Gimbal Head features a horizontal mounting element, which is much easier for installing the lens and serves to avoid the shear stress on the lens collar that side-mounting introduces.

  5. Jobu Design Heavy Duty MK IV Gimbal Head

    The Jobu Heavy Duty mark IV gimbal head is extremely light and suitable for lenses and cameras up to 7kg.

  6. Jobu Design Junior 3 Deluxe Gimbal Head Kit

    Extreme stiffness for a small gimbal head

  7. Jobu Design Junior 3 Gimbal Head Kit

    The ideal travel companion for your camera set up.

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7 Item(s)