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Bridge cameras, or “advanced” digital cameras, are the hybrid solution for photographers who want the control offered by a digital SLR camera, but without the bulk of a large camera. With its handy size and affordability, a bridge camera is the perfect solution for someone who wants control and convenience. Mycamera provides shipping throughout South Africa and a one year guarantee on all bridge cameras.

Digital SLR Bridge cameras generally possess small image sensors. This also allows their lenses to be smaller than a 35mm or APS-C SLR lens covering the same zoom range. This has meant that fantastically large zoom ranges (from wide-angle to telephoto, including macro) are possible with one lens. Classic bridge cameras have a telephoto zoom limit of 400mm (35mm equivalent), although more recently some of the latest models have the capacity to reach over 500mm. Due to this sought after feature the camera has earned its way into the category of superzoom cameras.

In order to reduce aberration in a lens, many in the series have quite complex designs and use multiple aspheric elements and often anomalous-dispersion glass. The ability to fit such a wide zoom range in one single small-diameter lens makes lens inter-changeability unnecessary for most photographers. Most of these cameras do, however, allow for the use of secondary lenses to improve wide angle, telephoto or macro capabilities.

The majority of the models are digital and these cameras usually include full manual control regarding shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and metering. Living up to their name these cameras’ feature sets are generally similar to consumer DSLRs, except for a smaller range of ISO sensitivity. This is due to their typically smaller image sensor (a DSLR has a 35mm, APS, or 4/3 size CCD or CMOS). Many have long zoom lenses and the term "bridge camera" is sometimes used interchangeably with "megazoom", "superzoom", or "ultrazoom”.

While many compact cameras have superzoom lenses, they lack the superior functions of a bridge camera. Due to this function’s popularity, a major focus in modern photographic technology has been on the zoom capability. Every major camera manufacturer now has at least one 'superzoom' in their line-up and this model of digital SLR camera is certainly growing ever more in demand.