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Choosing a digital camera may seem like a daunting task when there are so many options available. Fortunately, mycamera has taken the guesswork out of your decision by assembling a wide range and providing you with all the information you need. From basic point-and-shoot models to high-end DSLRs, your photography skill level and style will find their mate here.

When selecting your camera, it’s important to take into account the sort of pictures you want to get out of it, and the conditions you’ll be using it. This will determine the type of camera that suits your needs best, for instance:

DSLR - Digital Single-Lens Reflex. All the benefits and attributes of traditional film cameras have been reproduced as closely as possible, so that it’s now almost impossible to distinguish between the two. Interchangeable lenses give you a wider range of potential apertures and angles of view.

Mirrorless - Billed as the next generation of digital camera, the noticeable difference between these and standard DSLR models is the lack of a mirror reflex optical viewfinder. While this means a lack of optical viewfinder, which some may find to be a drawback, MILCs more than make up for it by boasting interchangeable lenses.

Bridge - These devices are the combination of a compact camera and a DSLR. Excellent picture quality matched with portability make bridge models the ideal entry level machine for those looking to step up their photography game without investing too heavily. While they have a fixed lens, which may be limiting in terms of shooting conditions, they make up for it with an impressive zoom.

Ultra Compact - They say that the best camera is the one you always have with you. These easily portable devices are perfect for casual snapshots and documenting your daily life. Most basic digital cameras have plenty of different features and presets, enabling you to get high quality images with the press of a button.

Once you’ve selected your device, you’ll also need to accessorise! mycamera has got both you and your equipment covered, with camera pouches, bags, add-ons, straps, and more.

Browse and buy your way to that perfect shot today.