Perfect Compact Cameras

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Compact cameras are not what they used to be. Many thought this category of cameras would be completely replaced by modern day smartphones because of the large-megapixel, high-resolution image capture they are capable of. But that is not the case. What we actually see is a revitalization in what compact photography means.

The growth of social media enabled people to share their life with others more often. On platforms like Instagram we want to share moments instantly and spontaneously. We are in a connected world where we want to be able to capture the world around us with the highest level of detail and quality. With new smart wi-fi and NFC enabled compacts offered with the Samsung DV and WB series you can easily and quickly upload images straight onto your smartphone.With a maximum aperture of f/3 and an astounding 35x optical zoom capability it'll will let you take detailed images that a smartphone won't.

With Canon IXUS, Powershot and Nikon's COOLPIX you can choose from a wide range of brightly coloured compacts to suit your style. These bridge and compact systems fit into your bag like it's nobody's business. They are to the partner for anybody whose on vacation, or just on the go.

With the Canon Powershot D30 Blue Waterproof compact camera, and Olympus Tough you can be prepared to take your photography to the extreme. With a waterproof depth capability of up to 25m you'll capture the spaces that normal cameras don't dare to go.