Bridge Cameras

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Bridge cameras fall within the middle range of camera models, between DSLRs and compacts. They offer most of the same features and capabilities of a DSLR, but with a fixed lens and are usually sold at a fraction of the price. This makes them perfect for aspiring photographers who want to take professional-looking photos, without purchasing an actual DSLR.

A bridge camera’s smaller image sensors gives its lenses a shorter focal length and a wider angle of a scene. Furthermore, with a lightweight and compact design, it boasts excellent sharpness, along with a first-class zoom range.

This feature is sure to please parents wanting to capture their child's soccer game. That being said, with its tremendous zoom capabilities, models like the Canon Powershot SX530 HS are ideal to use for any event.  

Alternatively, if you are looking for something lighter and more compact than the Powershot, the Nikon CoolPix L330 is definitely worth considering. The Samsung WB1100F Black Wifi Smart Camera is also excellent for sharing your memories conveniently over WiFi or NFC.

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